As a member of the North Georgia Auto Club, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations as described by the Operating Agreement posted on this website.

I understand that any and all keys or fobs (keys), original issue or replacements are property of the NGAC. I agree to return any and all keys, original issue and or replacements to the NGAC upon request or my departure from the NGAC.

I also agree to participate in maintaining the shop and office facilities clean and free from debris, tools, parts, or spills such as to provide a favorable work environment to other members as they share the facilities. This also includes supporting a major general clean-up campaign to be scheduled twice a year to enhance any build up over the conduct of business during that time and to perform repairs to the facility and/or tools as required.

The office area will have a bathroom with toilet for our convenience. I agree to participate in cleaning the bathroom and toilet as shared with other members.

Paid members have a share in the conduct of the club. There are no paid officials in this club. Officers perform their duties on a voluntary basis.

The club will only be successful based on the contributions and care of the members.