The purpose of the Auto Club is to establish a community of automobile enthusiasts and to provide a facility to grow our understanding of engineering, mechanics, repairs, upgrades, tuning, tools and how they relate to automobiles. The facility is located at 532 Atlanta Street NE, Marietta, GA 30060.  It  includes a full service, 2 bay working garage with additional room for tool storage. Equipment provided includes lifts, dollies, tire balancer, oil changing lift, compressed air, and a countless number of tools and diagnostic equipment. Training materials such as documents and DVDs are available for viewing through the website. Information sessions are held and various training demonstrations are given. Guest speakers have also will also be invited to present to the Auto Club from time to time.

From the most experienced mechanic to the novice beginner the NG Auto Club has something to offer. A friendly work environment with friendly people makes the club a great organization to become a part of. For more information take a look around the site. For more information about becoming our newest member click here. Enjoy!