• Do it yourself & save

     Whether you are a mechanic, hobbyist, or novice to automotive repair and maintenance; performing the work yourself can be fun, empowering, and save you lots of money compared to traditional repair.
  • What are we

    The purpose of the NGAC is to provide a low cost way for do-it-yourselfer's to have access to an auto garage and the latest tools and equipment for a low yearly membership fee. Providing access to tools and equipment that can be used in the garage or loaned out for members home use is a convenient way to save a lot of money on simple but costly repairs. This can apply to modern cars as well as the great classics of the past.  We would like to invite you to visit the North Georgia Auto Club (NGAC) at 532 Atlanta St. SE in Marietta. Location is just North of the S.A. White Oil Company and a block North of South Cobb Drive. Atlanta St runs parallel to and East of the railroad tracks in downtown Marietta. We are about a half mile South of the Marietta Downtown Square.  
  • How it works

    Membership fees are collected when you join and are due again one year later. Membership privileges include the following: Use of the facility on a 24/7 basis for members only. Check out portable tools for home use on weekly basis. Complex tools are allowed for extended time. Recycle oil and antifreeze facilities. Monthly meetings and special demonstrations/training  
  • What we have

    The tool crib contains those special tools used infrequently and often do not justify the expense for a single use. This includes many diagnostic tools, A/C service tools, ball joint and front end repair tools, fuel system tools and many more. In the facility we have the following standard equipment: Compressed air by 7 ½ HP motor for shop use.Commercial grade tire changer.Commercial grade dynamic wheel balancer. Parts washer for fine degreasing. Low level electrohydraulic lift for wheels and brakes. Sand Blasting cabinet.5 ton hydraulic press.Spring & strut compression toolDrill pressFloor stationed grinderWork bench with heavy duty vice.Two arm high liftTow dollyUtility Trailer  
  • What else do I need to know

    The club is a non profit LLC organization. No salaries are paid to the officers or managers. The members are expected to keep the facilities, tools, and equipment clean and in good condition for others to enjoy using.No work for pay is permitted. All work is to be completed, and tools used, by members only.The tool crib is manned by volunteer officers on a weekly schedule. The existing schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Upon joining, you should plan to visit the facility to become familiar with the location, equipment, and entrance requirements. You will be given a key fob for use for the length of your membership and a key to the facility gate. You will also be given a membership card for use when checking out tools.Members have full access to the website which contains additional information on the conduct of the club, tool manuals and instruction manuals for specific repairs, inventory of all the tools, and up to date information on equipment that may be out of service for repairs.We are requesting that persons who wish to join, be sponsored by either an existing member or someone familiar with the club as are officials for local car clubs. The first step is to register with the website. After receiving approval, you can go back and see the payment option. Once you have a sponsor, go to the tab for Member Registration.  If no payment is received two weeks after approval and registration, your profile will be deleted and you will need to register again to become a member.  
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